We had a fantastic experience at the Arizona Outback Inn, an Arizona rental vacation property that does not disappoint. Nestled among beautiful mountains which you can see from every window. The porch surrounds the whole house so no matter where you sit with your morning coffee, the views are spectacular. Peaceful. Breathtaking.

Each bedroom and ensuite are decorated with their own theme. The colors and decor perfectly fit each theme and feel more like a beautiful suite at home than a hotel room. The entire house feels like you’re at home. Warm. Inviting. Comfortable.

The beautiful kitchen is fully stocked to cook at your leisure. Even the dishes are colours that match each room. We had fun finding our place at the beautiful 14′ dining room table when our hubby’s had breakfast ready! Our room was the Navaho Room, a lovely orange so I looked for an orange place setting! There is also the Cactus room (green) the Cowboy Room (blue) and the Sunset Room (yellow). The kitchen has a large island where friends gathered for drinks and fun conversation.

While we were there we visited Karchner Cavern, the western town Tombstone, and drove up to the top of Mt Lemmon to see the spectacular views!

Our hosts Hank and Marsha lead us on a 4 hour quad tour. We had a FANTASTIC day. The weather was sunny and warm and the views were breathtaking. We learned so much about the area and its history. We stopped for a refreshing snack and walked a little ways to see the narrows and feel the cold water in the river. Hank and Marsha were great leaders. They made sure we were all comfortable and having a good time. Leading us through the trails that twisted and turned, went up and down, then waited when we slowed down and encouraged us every step of the way. They were FANTASTIC guides. We learned so much.

This trip is definitely a do-over as there is so much more to see! AND we will have very comfy beds, a home that feels like home, and the bests hosts ever, Hank and Marsha, at the Arizona Outback Inn !

Karen Heidbuurt Scharringa