Santa Rita Mountains

The Santa Rita Mountains are the backdrop of the Arizona Outback Inn. Our proximity to this incredible mountain range makes us an ideal home base for exploration and adventure.

Mount Wrightson is the highest point in the range and the highest point in the Tucson area with an elevation of 9,453 feet. You can drive or hike to the top of Mount Wrightson to visit the The Smithsonian Institution’s Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory.  At the visitor center near the foot of Mt. Hopkins, an exhibit orients visitors. FLWO offers public tours of the telescopes on Mt. Hopkins, 3 times a week between March and November.

The Santa Rita Mountain range contains one of the world’s premier birding areas, Madera Canyon. With more than 256 species of birds including fifteen species of hummingbirds, elegant trogon, sulphur-bellied flycatcher, black-capped gnatcatcher, flame-colored tanager, thirty-six species of wood warblers, Madera Canyon is a world class destination for bird watching.

One of the standout features of the Santa Rita Mountains is the Coronado National Forest. Divided into five ranger districts, the National Forest includes an area of about 1.78 million acres that span mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico.